Hockey ID Skates Invitation

What are ID Skates in Ice Hockey?

ID skates are a big deal for young players because it’s their chance to show off their skills and maybe get to play at a higher level. Everyone gets excited about these skates, both the players and their parents, because it provides both sides some more information about the other side before tryouts or allows coaches to sort and determine where players will fit. I go into more detail about how to prepare for these sessions.

I used to think about what are these “ID Skates”, and how they differ from Pre-Skates usually advertised immediately before formal tryouts. ID skates are important for competitive level Hockey tryouts sessions where coaches look at players to see if they have a good fit/team for the prospective player.

Hockey Player and Parent

You’ll find ID Skates advertised usually in conjunction with a wide range of teams, from AAA Spring Hockey Tournaments to Junior Hockey and everything in between!

ID skates aren’t just regular tryouts. They’re a special chance for players to impress the coaches before the real tryouts start. For parents like us who love hockey and want the best for our kids, knowing about ID skates is super important. It’s not just about getting picked; it’s about showing you’ve got the skills and the drive, and catching the eye of someone who can help your hockey career grow.

The Significance of ID Skates for Players

Picture of Ice hockey player's skates, puck and stick

ID skates are a key step for players who want to make a specifically more highly competitive team, usually AA or higher.

If a coach likes a player’s performance, you might receive an invite to attend formal tryouts. It does not mean you can not still attend tryouts unless they are “invitation only”.

When multiple formal tryouts coincide in your area, it can be challenging if your child doesn’t make one team. ID skates, or pre-skate sessions, provide an opportunity to gauge the coach’s interest. Parents can politely inquire about the likelihood of making the team and the number of available positions. This empowers both parent and player to make more informed decisions when faced with conflicting tryout schedules. Now, you can strategically allocate your efforts based on where you have a better chance of success.

Some teams also use ID Skates as a way of taing a group to sort into appropriate teams

It’s a great opportunity for both sides to check each other out.

How to Prepare for ID Skates?

Preparing for ID skates is a big step for young hockey players, and it’s just as important for their parents to support them through this journey. Players should focus on honing their skills by practicing regularly, including skating, stickhandling, and shooting, to ensure they’re ready to showcase their abilities.

Being physically fit can make a significant difference, so incorporating cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises into your routine is crucial. Besides physical preparation, understanding the team and coaching strategies and maintaining a positive mindset are key.

Present with confidence and a strong hockey IQ, which can set a player apart during these ID Skates.

It’s also essential to pay attention to nutrition and rest, as a well-fueled and rested body performs best.

Parents play a vital role in their child’s preparation for ID skates by creating a supportive environment that fosters confidence and growth.

Managing logistics, ensuring equipment is ready, and planning for travel can help reduce stress on the day of the skate.

It’s also important for parents to understand the tryout process, set realistic expectations, and be a source of encouragement rather than pressure.

Be present and prepared to engage with the coach, if they display interest.

Remember, ID skates offer players a chance to shine and show their potential, while coaches are on the lookout for not just skill, but also work ethic and a positive attitude.

For both players and parents, the key is to approach these skates as an opportunity for growth and movement in the player journey.

With the right preparation and mindset, ID skates can be a stepping stone to higher levels of competitive play and personal development in the sport of hockey.

Making the most of ID Skates: Some Tips and Advice

Hockey Coach explaining a play on white board to youth hockey players

The formula for leveraging ID skates to their fullest potential hinges on early and comprehensive preparation.

Nurturing a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship is paramount, as these traits are as valuable as on-ice skills.

From my experience, a positive attitude, a discernible passion for the game, and a teamwork approach consistently elevate players in the eyes of coaches and scouts.

Ultimately, a calculated approach to these preparatory ID skates can markedly influence the trajectory of a player’s experiences during the critical hockey tryouts season.


ID skates do more than just happen on the ice; they help players learn and get closer to their dreams in a tough sport.

As someone who’s seen a lot of these skates, I know how hard players work to do well. They want this so badly, and they have high ideals of what their new dream team may be like.

ID skates are a big deal because they can either open doors to new chances or teach important lessons for later.

They’re all about chasing excellence in hockey, mixing passion with hard work, and preparing players for what’s next with courage.

In short, ID skates are crucial for competitive young hockey players. They’re where hard work meets opportunity, helping build the future stars of ice hockey. For players and their families, getting the most out of ID skates is a big part of the journey in this sport.


What really are ID Skates in Ice Hockey?

ID Skates in ice hockey are specialized sessions where coaches and scouts observe and evaluate players to determine their skills and suitability for a team. These skates bridge the gap between casual gatherings on the ice and formal tryouts, offering an opportunity for players to be scouted and potentially selected for more elite hockey programs or teams.

Why are ID Skates important for both players and teams?

For players, ID Skates present a pivotal chance to display their hockey talents and potentially catch a coach’s interest, which can influence their hockey trajectory. For teams, these skates are crucial for identifying talent to fill specific roles and build a roster that aligns with their strategic play style and goals.

How should players prepare for ID Skates and Ice Hockey Tryouts?

Players should ensure they’re in excellent physical condition, mentally prepared, and have a clear understanding of what coaches are looking for. It’s important to exhibit composure, confidence, and the ability to follow instructions.

Demonstrating good sportsmanship and teamwork can also strongly influence a coach’s perception and decision-making during ID Skates.

What elements do coaches typically look for during ID Skates?

Coaches are often on the lookout for a player’s technical skills, hockey IQ, and physical abilities. They also value attributes such as coachability, how the player interacts with teammates, their on-ice demeanor, and adaptability to different game situations and instructions.

Can ID Skates influence a player’s opportunity to advance in ice hockey?

Absolutely. Performing well in ID Skates can lead to invitations to join competitive teams, travel teams, and even open doors for collegiate or professional hockey opportunities. They are a critical evaluation tool that can significantly impact a player’s path in the sport.

How do ID Skates differ from normal ice hockey tryouts?

While both are evaluative in nature, ID Skates are typically more exploratory, allowing coaches to broadly assess a player’s capabilities. Normal tryouts are often the next step, where coaches make final decisions on who will make the team based on specific needs, after having initially identified promising players during ID Skates.

What advice would you give to hockey parents regarding ID Skates?

I’d advise parents to support their child by helping them prepare adequately for ID Skates, remain positive, and encourage them to showcase their best qualities on the ice. It’s also important for parents to manage expectations and help their child understand that this is part of their hockey journey, whether the outcome is immediate success or a stepping stone for growth and improvement.

How do ID Skates support player development?

ID Skates provide players and parents with a valuable platform to receive feedback from coaches and scouts, which they can use to understand their strengths and areas for improvement and possibly be invited back for formal tryouts.

This process is essential for personal growth, as players can then focus on developing specific facets of their game to enhance their overall performance and increase their chances of success in future tryouts.